An Access Group is a set of individuals who have been given permission to access your WordPress site. Every WordPress site has at least one default group that consists of the entire BU community. Most other WordPress sites will have one or two other default groups — usually a parent school, college, or department.

You can also create custom Access Groups where you determine who has access based on their University status, college or department, class code, individual BU login, or network location.

To add an Access Group, log in to your WordPress Admin Panel, and select Access, then Manage Groups.

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Access Control

To create a new group, click the Add a Group button on the left-hand side of the screen.

Add New Group

Add New Group

To create a group, you’ll need to make some selections from the Add New Group page:

  • Group Name – The name should say what group of people you’re allowing (or disallowing) access to.
  • Description – The description will be shown to the visitor when attempting to log in. Be sure to be descriptive of what data they’re trying to access.
  • Status – You can limit who has access to your content, based on their status.
  • Schools, Colleges, Departments – Use the drop-down menu to select a school or college. The department field will automatically search available departments as you type. Once you’ve selected the school, college, or department you want to add, click the Add button.
  • Class Code – If you want to limit access to students enrolled in a specific class. You can enter the Class Code, and click Add.
  • Individuals – You can use this section to add an individual with a BU username to your access list. If you’re unsure what someone’s BU username is, click the magnifying glass in the Add a User field to search the BU directory. Once you’ve selected a user, click the Add button.
  • Network Location – Limit access to only people on a specific campus (Charles River, Medical Campus, Boston Medical Center.)

Once you’ve selected the criteria for protection click the Save Group button.

There is no limit to the number of Access Groups you can have.