The Enable Media Replace plugin allows you to replace an existing file in your Media Library, and the new file will be uploaded in the same location as the original. This means that you can replace files without having to change the links that are pointing to them.

The WordPress Media Library does not have a way to replace existing files in your Media Library by default. For example, if you upload a new version of an existing PDF without Enable Media Replace, you have to also manually update all links to that PDF because the new one you upload will have a new URL.

To start using Enable Media Replace, please contact us and we will activate the plugin for you.

Note: This feature is only currently available using the “list view” in WordPress. The “grid view” does not support this feature.

We recommended that your new file use the same filename as the one you are replacing. If you replace the old file with a version that has a different filename, WordPress will correct links to the file on your website only — other sites that link to your file are not changed. To avoid breaking links on other sites that are linking to your media item, replace the old file with a new file of the same name.

To replace an existing file in the Media Library:

  1. From the Media section of the WordPress Dashboard’s left menu, select Library.
  2. Make sure that you are using the list view and not the grid view.
    Enable Media Replace - list view
  3. Locate the file you need to replace.
  4. Hover your cursor over the item and click the Replace Media link.
    Enable Media Replace - replace media button
  5. Click the Choose File button.
    Enable Media Replace - choose file
  6. From the file browser that appears, choose the replacement file you’d like to upload.
    If you are replacing an image, you can only upload a new image file.
  7. Click the Upload button to replace your media item.
    Screenshot 2017-10-11 13.09.14
    Once uploaded, the old file in your media library will be replaced with the new one. There is no way to undo a media replacement, so proceed carefully.