Link Lists Plugin

The Link Lists plugin adds the BU Links widget to your BU WordPress site, as well as adding functionality for editing links in the footer and (for themes that support it) the utility navigation menu.


The BU Links widget allows for related links to be managed on a by-post or by-section basis. Users of the website who have access to the widget editor can add the widget to one of the theme’s widget areas. The widget has one field for specifying the title, and a dropdown to control post type visibility. Since the widget is a multi-widget, it can be inserted multiple times.

Once added, a metabox will appear on the edit page for the designated page/post for link list management.  The editor is a module that is shared with the footer editor. For hierarchical post types (such as pages), users have the option of showing the list on all child posts. If a list is created on a child post, its list will override the list of its parents.

Users must save the page in order to save any changes.

Footer Editor

The Footer Editor is an admin page that makes editing the footer possible. Access the settings via Appearance > Footer from the WordPress dashboard.  There are two modes: List of Links and Hand-crafted HTML. List of Links mode leaves the BU masterplate logo in place, allowing users to edit just the links that appear to the right of the logo. Choosing the Hand-crafted HTML option allows users to specify all markup to display in the footer (replacing any content defined in the theme).

Utility Navigation Editor

The Utility Navigation Editor is an admin page for managing a utility navigation menu. Access the settings via Appearance > Utility Navigation from the WordPress dashboard. Utility navigation is only supported for Flexi-based themes, usually appearing in the top right corner of the page.  There are three modes: List of Links, Custom Menu, or Hand-crafted HTML.