It’s easy to embed a Twitter timeline in your BU WordPress site. You can embed Twitter anywhere on your site, although in most instances you will want to place your Twitter timeline in the sidebar or footbar using the Text or BU Text widget.

While it’s possible to create a timeline widget for any username, only the account that created the timeline can manage it. We recommend creating a timeline for your username only. If you need to create a timeline for a different account, use that account to create it.

In Spring 2013, Twitter changed their API (application programming interface) and many previously-embedded Twitter timelines on BU websites no longer work properly. BU site admins can use the instructions below to update to the latest code in order to get it working again.

To update your timeline code or to create a new timeline, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Twitter Widget (you will have to log in with your Twitter account credentials)
  2. Select the widget settings you desire and the Twitter username you wish to stream from. The Preview window on the right side of the screen will update automatically to reflect your choices. When you are finished configuring your widget, click Create widget.
  3. Code will appear under the Preview timeline. Select and copy all of it, then paste it into your website’s content or widget area.