Have you ever wanted to share files or information over the Web, but only with a select group of people? On the BU website, you can restrict access to specific groups (like BU faculty, staff, or students) or to individual users. Using a single file, called an .htaccess file, you can control who can access directories within your site.

Why restrict access?

Sometimes you need to restrict access to documents you publish on www.bu.edu. For example, you might want to restrict access to:

  1. Internal policy or departmental documents that should be viewed only by certain individuals at Boston University.
  2. Copyrighted materials that you put on a class website. To abide by fair-use guidelines, copyrighted materials should be viewed only by the students enrolled in the class.
  3. Any materials that should be viewed or used only by specific individuals.

Restricting access is easy. Basically, you create a subdirectory for the files, and you create a special file called .htaccess that specifies who can access the files in that subdirectory.