Users of Adobe Dreamweaver or Contribute that have the “rollbacks” feature enabled on their website will find they are unable to edit or publish pages when connecting with their standard SFTP settings.

Affected Users

Those using Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute to edit a website, where that website has Contribute’s “rollbacks” functionality enabled.


When attempting to edit, “check in,” or publish content with Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute, users receive an error message and the application fails to publish the content. This issue occurs because Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Contribute, in order to provide the rollback feature, attempt a non-standard rename operation on the server that is not supported by BU’s SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).


IS&T has provided an alternate method of connecting with SFTP that supports these applications’ rollback operations. To take advantage of this new method, you must change your SFTP connection information in Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Contribute (see below).

If you are an Administrator in Contribute, follow the directions below to change your Contribute SFTP settings. When you have changed the settings you will need to re-create connection keys for any site Editors who do not have Administrator roles.

If you are not an Administrator in Contribute, contact the Administrator and request a new connection key for Contribute.

Changing SFTP settings in Adobe Dreamweaver

  1. In the  menu, go to Site > Manage Sites.
  2. Select the site and click Edit.
  3. Click Servers on the left.
  4. Select and click the small pencil icon at the bottom of the list.
  5. In the Port field to the right of SFTP Address, enter 222.
  6. Click Save, Save again, and Done to exit the Manage Sites dialog.

Changing SFTP settings in Adobe Contribute

  1. In the menu, go to Edit > My Connections (Windows) or Contribute > My Connections (Mac).
  2. Select the site and click the Edit button.
  3. In Website Connection Info, change the name of the SFTP server to
  4. Click Continue and exit the dialog.

Creating New Connection Keys in Adobe Contribute (Administrators Only)

  1. In the menu, go to Edit > My Connections (Windows) or Contribute > My Connections (Mac).
  2. Select the site and click the Administer… button.
  3. Under Users and Roles, click Send Connection Key.
  4. Select No, I would like to customize the connection settings for other users.
  5. Enter the SFTP username and password (your BU login name and Kerberos password), and then click Continue.
  6. Enter the path to your site on the server (or ensure it is correct) and click Continue.
  7. Select the role that this user should have and click Continue.
  8. Choose to email the key directly or save it to your computer to be sent separately.
  9. Enter a password to encrypt the connection key. You must provide this password to the user separately in order for them to use the connection key.
  10. Click Continue, review the settings, and click Finish.