For Official Use Only. Boston University departments that want to develop and maintain PHP applications in support of official University business can request a PHP directory.

The PHP Development Environment

PHP applications will not run from a department’s normal space on, because the web server is configured to ignore all PHP code there. PHP applications will run only from special PHP-enabled directories on One such directory, set up specifically for departments, is called dbin.

Therefore, any department that wants to develop PHP applications and host them on must request their own PHP directory. Several departments already have such directories. A department’s PHP directory within dbin will have the same name as the directory for its live site. The department’s website administrator will have full control over their PHP directory.

Note: There is a one-time fee of $250 for this service. See payment steps for how to process this fee through BUworks.


To receive a PHP directory on, a department must agree to:

  1. have at least one PHP developer, either on staff within the department or in a consulting role,
  2. produce and house only applications that support official University business,
  3. send all PHP developers to a one-hour training prior to the creation of the PHP directory, and
  4. maintain and repair all the applications it develops, unless it makes prior arrangements with IS&T.