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Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff

Cost: Text messaging charges may apply, depending on your mobile plan.

The BU Emergency Alert System enables emergency services personnel to send emergency messages via phone calls, text messages, email, Twitter, web pages, and the BU Cable TV system. It incorporates Send Word Now, BU Alert, and BU Alert Data Synchronization.


The system facilitates timely notification and transmission of important information and instructions in emergency situations. The BU community quickly receives information needed to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions. The system also meets the emergency notification requirements of the Clery Act.

Key Features

  • Thousands of contact points can be notified within minutes
  • Information can be transmitted in a variety of ways, targeting many types of devices, including
    • Mobile phones (text and voice messages) and land lines
    • Email accounts
    • BUTV
    • BU web pages
    • Social media, e.g., Twitter
  • Recipients can update their contact preferences at any time

What to Expect

The BU Emergency Alert System normally will be available 24 by 7


  • Students are required to provide an emergency number as part of their registration and can update their contact preferences on the Student Link
  • Faculty and staff have the option to add and update emergency contact information for the BU Emergency Alert System on the BUworks Central Portal

Getting Started