Comparable Coverage Checklist

How to use the Checklist:

You will need to compare your insurance plan to the coverage provided by the BU student insurance plan. Your plan must include each of the “Required Plan Element or Benefit” items on the checklist, all of which are available on the Boston University Student Health Insurance plan. This checklist includes the most important elements of coverage that must be addressed. In addition, your plan cannot be one of the types listed that do not qualify as comparable coverage. Please download and print the checklist and use it as a guide to compare benefits offered by your alternate health insurance plan.

Although you are required to evaluate your current health insurance to determine for yourself whether it provides comparable coverage, if Boston University becomes aware of aspects of your insurance that do not meet this criteria, Boston University may, in its sole discretion, decline your request for a waiver.

Required Plan Element or Benefit to qualify as Comparable Coverage: Your Plan
Required services (as listed below) must be provided at a location within a reasonable distance of the greater Boston area. Health plans with a closed network of providers and accessible for only emergency services, such as out-of-area HMOs, EPOs or Medicaid products generally are not acceptable.
No lifetime dollar limit on coverage.
A United States based company (unless student is studying outside the US).
Preventive care coverage without co-insurance.
Primary care coverage.
Emergency room coverage.
Coverage for surgery (in hospital and out-patient).
Coverage for hospital stays.
Coverage for outpatient medical visits (ex. Specialist visits).
Coverage for outpatient mental health visits (ex. Counseling or Psychiatry visits) including substance abuse.
Coverage for mental health hospitalization.
Coverage for prescription drugs.