We are pleased to present our themes for academic year 2015-16:

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  • Crossing Borders
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  • Muslim Youth

Crossing Borders: A continuation of our theme from 2014, we’ll explore the many literal and figurative ways that people and ideas have crossed and continue to cross over the borders of the Muslim World.


Muslim Youth: Building from our Spring 2015 conference, we’ll examine youth in the contemporary Muslim World through the multidisciplinary lenses of the arts and pop culture, education, politics, civil society and more.


The Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies & Civilizations at Boston University founded in the fall of 2006, reflects the university’s long-standing commitment to the advancement of scholarship of the Muslim world and acts as an interdisciplinary meeting point for scholars and researchers in diverse fields, including anthropology, history, religion, literature, and the arts.

Committed to educating a new generation of scholars, the Institute provides a variety of resources and programs.  The Institute also hosts a wide array of public events, workshops, and lectures on a variety of topics and fields.


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