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Our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are experts in a variety of specialty areas including weight management, eating disorders, sports nutrition, food allergies and intolerances, digestive disorders, and healthy dining programs. We incorporate the latest research and evidenced-based practices to provide insight and context to publications, and radio and television programs. Please provide details on your interview topic and timeline when you contact us.

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On March 17, 2016, Jennifer Culbert provided insight into eating disorder behaviors and wearable fitness trackers for Quartz; read the article here.

The Daily Free Press

In a Daily Free Press article about added sugar consumption and cardiovascular disease, SCNC dietitian Jennifer Culbert offers some tips for decreasing the added sugar in your diet. Read the article.

Newsflash Blog

Olivia Nelson, blogger and BU College of Communication student, did a fantastic job of summarizing the SCNC’s extensive student services. Read about her interview with SCNC dietitian Rachel Reynolds.

Better for You

In a recent interview, SCNC dietitian Jennifer Culbert spoke to the people at about whether some of today’s hot foods are worth all the buzz. Check out what she had to say.

The Quad

Nicole Seese, a writer for the online magazine about BU life called “The Quad,” gushes about her time at the Sargent Choice Test Kitchen. Together with 50+ students and the staff coordinator, Karen Jacobs, she rolled sushi, played games, and explored BU’s Hillel House. Read her article.

Each semester, the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center hosts a seminar with the Educational Resource Center (ERC) on campus at BU, entitled “Brain Food Talks,” to help students practice better eating habits. The Brain Food Talks occur at the start of the midterm season each semester as a part of the ERC’s “Midterm Mashup,” a week of seminars dedicated to assisting students through their midterms. The Quad covered the most recent Brain Food talk here, and got insight from Sarah Butler, the SCNC dietitian leading the talk.

BU Today

With the health and fitness craze dominating America, the world of supposedly “healthy” eating tricks has been expanding. SCNC dietitian Jennifer Culbert addresses one of these unhealthy obsessions with healthy eating, called orthorexia, in an article with BU Today. Orthorexia should not be confused with a dieting fad. It’s a classification for a currently unofficial eating disorder–unofficial because it is not in the DSM 5 and has never been officially diagnosed–that describes a person who focuses so much on the health quality of their food that it becomes an obsession.

In April, BU was ranked 19th healthiest college in America by the health and fitness site Greatist. BU Today picks up the news and gets some input from SCNC dietitian Stacey Zawacki, available here. BU Today and Greatist both cite the SCNC and the Fitness & Recreation Center as key contributors to the health of the student population.

Sargent College holds an annual intensive program each summer to assist in the rehabilitation of community members who live with aphasia. Simply put, aphasia, which usually occurs after someone has suffered a stroke, is a communication disorder that affects speech comprehension and expression. The month long program utilizes each of Sargent College’s major departments, including the SCNC, to improve each member’s speaking and physical abilities as well as their knowledge of their specific nutrition needs. BU Today covers the 2013 summer group in two articles, which can be found here and here.

Sargent College Community Outreach Brochure

SCNC dietitian Stacey Zawacki is pictured and quoted in the Sargent College Community Outreach Brochure. This miniature magazine offers personal stories from members of the Sargent College community. Zawacki speaks about her involvement in the Intensive Stroke Rehab program offered each summer through Sargent College. Skip to page 12 to find her article.

Brookline Access Television

Jennifer Culbert, a dietitian at the SCNC, and Bianca Tamburello, an ambassador for the Sargent Choice Healthy Dining Program and blogger for the test kitchen, speak to BU’s very own Karen Jacobs on her Brookline Access Television program “Lifestyle by Design” about the Sargent Choice Healthy Dining Program at BU. They also introduce an item popular in the Test Kitchen, Black Bean Brownies. To see the full video, click here. You can also check out an article on The Quad about the night the Sargent Choice test kitchen made the Black Bean Brownies here.

WBZ Channel 4 Boston

Is the extra protein added to your granola bar actually beneficial, or is it just marketing? Jennifer Culbert, a SCNC dietitian, speaks to WBZ News about the subject and clarifies how much protein we need versus how much we’re getting.
The station also interviewed Culbert about “Orthorexia,” a new classification for people who are unhealthily obsessed with healthy eating. You can check out the video on their website.

CASE Awards

The Council for Advancement & Support of Education (CASE) is a professional organization that promotes the development of new communication techniques and other advancements in higher education around the world. Their 2013 Awards recognized the Sargent Choice Campaign, developed by BU’s own Creative Services office (originally the Marketing & Communications office), for its marketing appeal. It was awarded “Silver” in the “Publications Packages” category. The Creative Services team members who worked on the campaign, in collaboration with dietitians at the Nutrition Center, were Courtney Holloway (Account Management), Stephanie Paul (Designer), Chris Castagnola (Writer), Amy Schottenfels (Creative Director), and Kal Zabarsky (Photographer). Here are posters created for the campaign:

Eating well just got easy 

If only quantum physics was this easy


The health and fitness site Greatist ranks BU on the list of the 25 healthiest colleges in the U.S. They note the impact that the SCNC has had on the dining halls, which is a result of the Sargent Choice Healthy Dining Program.

Boston Magazine

The SCNC’s very own Lauren Ferraro spoke with folks at Boston Magazine‘s website to offer tips on eating healthy on a limited budget. She teaches a nutrition course through BU’s Fitness & Recreation Center by a similar name: Healthy Cooking on a Budget. Check out the article here.

Atlas Magazine

In an article about maintaining a gluten-free diet, SCNC dietitian Lisa Ferreira spoke to Atlas Magazine about the effects of gluten on someone with an allergy. The article outlines the different gluten allergies (gluten allergy, gluten intolerance, and Celiac Disease) and compares the intolerances to the new gluten-free media fad. You can read the whole article on the author’s blog.

BU Today

The SCNC and Healthy Dining Program have been featured in BU Today on a number of occasions. Click the link to find articles in which the SCNC dietitians offer input on nutrition facts and myths circulating popular media, or to check out the Sargent Choice Cooking series for videos and recipes. Articles go as far back as 2007, when the SCNC was the Sargent College Nutrition and Fitness Center.

The Daily Free Press

Lisa Ferreira spoke with the Daily Free Press to comment on the newly coined term “Drunkorexia,” a drinking/eating disorder found most often on college campuses. Ferreira discusses the health impacts of cutting out nutritional value and replacing it with alcohol. Read “The Skinny on Drunkorexia” on the Daily Free Press‘s website.

BU Professor Voices

“Professor Voices” is a division of BU Public Relations and serves as a platform for experts at BU to speak about their accomplishments, their department, and offer input on current research. Lisa Ferreira speaks to “Professor Voices” about the various types of counseling offered at the SCNC. The article accompanying the video can be found here.

Her Campus

Her Campus BU, the BU-centered portion of the popular college website Her Campus, features a two-part article about eating healthy in the dining hall and quotes SCNC dietitian Sarah Butler to weigh in. You can find part 1 here, and part 2 here.

The Quad

The Quad, an online blog about life at BU, has two pieces about the Sargent Choice Healthy Dining Program in their archive. The first discusses Sargent Choice Night of March 2011 and its comfort food menu. Many past and current SCNC dietitians and other team members chime in. The second is about an event hosted by Sargent Choice to explain the benefits of vegetarian cooking, and includes recipes for the popular Black Bean Burgers and a Quinoa side salad. SCNC dietitian Sarah Butler hosted the event and is quoted in the article.

BU Today

Before the name was switched to the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center, it was called Sargent College’s Nutrition and Fitness Center (NFC). In 2011, BU Today wrote three articles quoting the dietitians of the NFC.

In “The Buzz Around Eating Insects,” SCNC/NFC dietitian Sarah Butler weighed in on the discourse of eating insects.

The article “Personalized Fitness Advice at Bargain Price” quotes SCNC/NFC dietitian Lisa Ferreira about setting small goals for yourself on your path to personal fitness.

In “Love the Body You’re In,” an article about improving negative body image, the NFC was referred to as a good place to start repairing body image insecurities.

The Daily Free Press

In 2008 the Daily Free Press wrote an article about the infamous myth of Freshman 15; the article quotes SCNC dietitian Sarah Butler. Three years later, with an almost completely different batch of undergrads, TDFP wrote a second article about the dreaded Freshman 15, once again debunking the myth, this time quoting SCNC dietitian and director Stacey Zawacki.

WBZ Channel 4 Boston

WBZ examines the waistline growth from freshman to senior year in college. The station comments on the ease of public transportation for BU students in particular, but emphasizes the positive impact the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center has had in helping BU students avoid the weight gain by implementing a healthy dining program and offering a plethora of nutrition services right on campus.

News Medical writes about the introduction of many new services to the SCNC, then called the Sargent College Nutrition and Fitness Center. As the article cites, the Nutrition Center and the Healthy Dining Program are unique to BU. Stacey Zawacki comments.

The Daily Free Press

Sarah Butler speaks to the Daily Free Press about the revamping of the Sargent Choice Menu for the 2009-10 school year. The Healthy Dining Program would start off fall with new recipes to garner interest in the program and in eating well. The article can be found here.

BU Today

Five articles were written from 2005 to 2008 by BU Today journalists quoting dietitians from the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center–when it was called the Nutrition and Fitness Center (NFC).

“Be Well, BU: A New Approach to Eating Disorders” catalogs the uphill battle of helping students with eating disorders. Stacey Zawacki speaks about the issue from her experience at the NFC.

Laura Thompson (now Judd) spoke to BU Today about vitamins. She comments on what circumstances it is advisable to take vitamins. Read BU Today‘s “Health Matters: Vitamins.”

Stacey Zawacki offers tips to BU Today for eating healthy during the holidays and maintaining the urges to gorge. “Stuff the Turkey, Not Yourself” considers the issue from multiple angles.

One BU Today journalist challenged herself to lose some excess weight and become healthier. Her article “Winning the Losing Game” mentions SCNC/NFC dietitian Stacey Zawacki (then Stacey Stimets) and comments on the Healthy Dieting class she took, taught by Zawacki.

In 2005 BU was named the third fittest college in the nation. BU Today featured an article about the esteemed title, “BU Ranked Third Fittest College in America,” which discusses three nutrition courses to be offered through BU’s Fitness & Recreation Center. Stacey Zawacki (then Stacey Stimets) discusses the development of the courses.

In the Blog Community

Check out some cool Boston-based health and food blogs that mention us.

  • The Meal Makeover Moms visited the Sargent Choice Test Kitchen. Their blog post discusses their visit and the recipe of the night: Penne with Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic, and White Beans. They also give a shout-out to the Test Kitchen host Karen Jacobs and Test Kitchen blogger Bianca Tamburello, who interned with them last summer. Read their full blog post and check out the recipe for more information about their visit.
  • Don’t (White) Sugar-Coat It run by Elizabeth Jarrard, a registered dietitian in the Boston area, talks with current SCNC dietitian Sarah Butler and past SCNC dietitian Laura Thompson about what they do at the SCNC, back when it was still the Sargent College Nutrition and Fitness Center.
  • Two recent BU COM alumnae, Whitney Burbank and Grace Sin, collaborated on a blog called BostonFit, a health and fitness blog, in 2011. One of the bloggers interviewed Laura Judd about how to eat healthy when you’re limited on time, as college students often are.