Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare expected soon

June 20th, 2012

The Supreme Court is expected to announce their ruling on President Obama’s healthcare law within the next few days. Although speculation is rampant on what the decision will be, no one knows for sure what will happen or what to expect from the decision. The following Boston University experts, who have been outspoken on this issue, are available to offer analysis and insight on the upcoming ruling:

Stephen Davidson, an expert in health care management, is the author of  Still Broken: Understanding the U.S. Health Care System. He wrote a recent piece for the Huffington Post entitled The Supreme Court and Health Care Reform. Contact Davidson at 617-353-7422;

Abigail Moncrieff, an expert in health care law & structural constitutional law, recently spoke to Business Insider on how the Supreme Court ruling could affect the country. Contact Moncrieff at 617-353-2212;

Kevin Outterson, an expert in health care law & constitutional litigation in health care, has been quoted several times on the Supreme Court ruling of health care reform. Contact Outterson at 617-353-3103;

Wendy Mariner, an expert in health law and reform legislation, joined other experts on WBUR in a discussion on the recent Supreme Court hearings on health care reform. She also led 100 health law professors in filing a Supreme Court brief on health care reform. Contact Mariner at 617-638-4626;

Alan Sager, an expert in health care, cost control, and health reform, shared his thoughts on the future success of health care reform with Becker’s Hospital Review. Contact Sager at 617-638-4664;

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