The $250/semester fee includes:

●     Account teams of two to three account executives, one account supervisor and one account director

●     Campaign planning, brand awareness strategies, media relations, etc., based on client needs

●     Budget planning for proposed strategies and tactics

The fee also allows us to purchase the most up-to-date technology and software to help us meet your needs and defray administrative costs.

The fee does not include additional printing services, such as brochures, posters or promotional materials. Clients who need print materials may use Boston University’s in-house printing services at its rate. Your account team can get in touch with Creative Services to get a personalized quote, once the client PR needs are established.

If the clients prefer to be in direct touch with Creative Services, they are welcome to contact it at:

Creative Services

Web & Print Communication

Ms. Pamela Sarian, Director, Account Management

(617) 358-1217