Prospective PRLab Client Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PRLab client for a future semester.

There is a three-step application process for prospective PRLab clients:

  1. Please review PRLab’s expectations for clients.
  2. Please complete our online client application below.
  3. After you submit your client application, PRLab’s president of operations will schedule a phone interview with you to discuss your business objectives and your organizational goals.  

Final decisions regarding clients for the fall semester will be announced via email in August, and decisions for the spring semesters will be announced in January.

Application to PRLab does not guarantee acceptance. Instead, PRLab takes new clients on a semesterly basis depending upon:

  • Demand
  • Student registration
  • Current clients
  • Returning clients

PRLab Client Application

Thank you for your interest in PRLab. Please complete the questions below in order to be considered for a future semester of PRLab. The more thorough you are, the better we can understand your business objectives and goals. If you have any questions, please contact
  • COM 100 Anniversary example: The objective is to create a timely and memorable series of unique experiences to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the communication program at Boston University.
  • Example: PRLab will help the College of Communication at BU to plan, execute, and promote a series of engaging experiences inspired by the communication program and its history at BU, launch a multi-platform social media campaign, etc.
  • The individuals or businesses toward which the PR campaign is directed.
  • Examples: Conduct media outreach to Boston-area parent magazines to secure media interviews with spokesperson; Increase followers by X and secure X media impressions; Deliver a complete social media content calendar for FB and Twitter
  • This will help us when assigning students to teams.