Agency Structure

PRLab Organizational Chart

President of Client Service

The president of client service oversees the mutually beneficial relationship between clients and the agency. She works hand-in-hand with the president of operations by drawing up appropriate scopes of work for each client after an interview has taken place. As the president of client service, it is important for her to monitor the well-being of all account team members, as well as mediate conflict. Her priority is the clients, and she serves as the clients’ main contact, if the account team is unreachable. The president of client service is also involved in event planning, in particular PRoBono, and the agency’s special events.

President of Operations

The president of operations is directly responsible for PRLab’s strategic planning, as well as putting the agency’s mission, vision, and core values into action. She drives the client acquisition process by reviewing applications as well as vetting and onboarding new clients to the agency.

She is responsible for agency accounting and human resources. The president of operations is also directly responsible for employee hiring, continuing education, engagement, and accountability toward company goals and growth. She oversees event planning and management for the agency’s special events, as well as branding, marketing, and new business initiatives. In addition, she presides over the agency’s digital/social media strategy and analytics. Finally, she leads the creation and the execution of a strategic PR plan in collaboration with her team to elevate the reach and the reputation of PRLab among its diverse stakeholders.

Vice President

The vice president reports to both the president of operations and president of client service, and assists both with fulfilling their assigned duties through the enhancement of PRLab and its strategic PR plan. Also, the vice president ensures executive board compliance with agency rules and standards through the design of an accountability system, and the ongoing monitoring of that system. The vice president will conduct performance reviews with account directors. In addition, the vice president immediately addresses irregularities, issues, or problems that arise throughout the semester by monitoring the supervisor weekly check-in. Finally, the vice president manages PRLab’s new business efforts by training new clients as well as pitching prospective clients.


Agency directors serve as high-level resources for five to seven account teams, overseeing client service, project management, and quality assurance. In addition, directors are responsible for ensuring the timely achievement of PR objectives and tactics outlined in each account team’s scope of work. Also, agency directors assist in the execution of PRLab’s strategic plan and operations.

Account Supervisors

Account supervisors serve as strategic managers for one to two account teams. Account supervisors manage two to eight account executives, and they leverage their conflict resolution, delegation, negotiation, and relationship management skills to maintain mutually beneficial relationships between clients and account executives. They are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day execution of account strategy, client service, and project management for one to two account teams. In this role, account supervisors ensure quality control by editing and approving all public relations deliverables before they are disseminated to clients.

Account Executives

Account executives serve as public relations practitioners by working directly with their assigned clients to achieve the public relations objectives and tactics outlined in an account team’s scope of work. To that end, account executives create and disseminate PR campaigns and strategic communications on behalf of PRLab’s clients. Account executives hone their craft by refining their communication and public relations talents in this role.

Faculty Board of Directors

Professors Amy Shanler and Justin Joseph serve as the faculty board of directors for PRLab. In this role, they provide ongoing guidance and support to the agency’s executive board and staff, while also ensuring overall agency profitability, brand management, and client satisfaction.