Soumendra Basu
Professor, ME
Office Address: 730 Commonwealth Ave., 204
E-mail: basu@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-6728
Research interests: Envrionmental Degredation of Materials, Structure and Stability of Interfaces
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/ae/basu/


Enrico BelottiEnrico Bellotti
Professor, ECE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 533
E-mail: bellotti@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-1576 
Research interests: Computational electronics, Semiconductor materials, Parallel computing
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/a-g/enrico-bellotti/


Thomas BifanoThomas Bifano
Professor, ME
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 927
E-mail: tgb@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-8899
Research interests: Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Adaptive optics
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/ae/bifano/


Irving BigioIrving Bigio
Professor, BME, ECE
Office Address: 44 Cummington St., 233
E-mail: bigio@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-1987
Research interests: Biomedical optics, Medical applications of optics, Lasers and spectroscopy
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/primary/bigio/


David BishopDavid Bishop
Professor, ECE, MSE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 609
E-mail: djb1@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-4080
Research interests: Low temperature physics, Mechanical properties of materials at low temperatures, MEMS and NEMS
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/a-g/david-bishop/


Keith Brown Web PhotoKeith Brown
Assistant Professor, ME
Office Address: 110 Cummington Mall, 305
E-mail: brownka@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-4841
Research interests: Biomaterials, Electronics, Advanced scanning probing techniques
Department Website: https://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/ae/keith-brown/



Bunch-Scott-pScott Bunch
Assistant Professor, ME
Office Address: 110 Cummington St., 404
E-mail: bunch@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-2814
Research interests: Graphene Adhesion, Mechanical Properties of 2D Materials
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/ae/scott-bunch-ph-d/



John ConnorJohn Connor
Associate Professor, MED
Office Address: 620 Albany St.
E-mail: jhconnor@bu.edu, Phone: 617-638-0339
Research interests: Label-free virus detection, Identification of biomarkers of infection, Virus/host interactions
Connor Research Lab: http://www.connorlab.com/


Luca Dal NegroLuca Dal Negro
Associate Professor, ECE, MSE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 825
E-mail: dalnegro@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-2627
Research interests: Nanophotonics, Optics of complex media
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/a-g/luca-dal-negro/


Dennis Web Photo

Allison Dennis
Assistant Professor, BME
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s Street, 916
E-mail: aldennis@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-8509 
Research interests: Nanobiotechnology, Fluorescent biosensing
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/primary/dennis/

Daniel EhrlichDaniel Ehrlich
Research Professor, BME
Office Address: 44 Cummington Street, 247
E-mail: danehr@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-2919
Research interests: New instrumentation and methods for cell-based assays, Deep-UV microscopy, Microfluidics for assay of DNA
Department Website http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/professionalandresearch/ehrlich/


Kamil EkinciKamil Ekinci
Associate Professor, ME
Office Address: 110 Cummington St., 408
E-mail: ekinci@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-8670
Research interests: Nanophotonics, Nano-opto-mechanics and optical metrology, Nanofluidics
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/ae/ekinci/


Shyam ErramilliShyamsunder Erramilli
Professor, Physics, BME
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., Room 824
E-mail: shyam@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-2600
Research interests: Infrared and raman microscopy, Quantum cascade laser sources
Department Website: http://physics.bu.edu/people/show/46


Helen FawcettHelen Fawcett
Research Assistant Professor, ME
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 935
E-mail: hfawcett@bu.edu, Phone: 857-753-1719
Research interests: Biodetection, optics, nanoscale lithography and imaging, Photonics applications



Theodore FritzTheodore Fritz
Professor, Astronomy
Office Address: 725 Commonwealth Ave., 515
E-mail: fritz@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-7446
Research interests: Space plasma physics, Magnetosphere physics, Rocket and satellite experiments
Dept. Website: http://www.bu.edu/dbin/astronomy/ast_people.php?id=16


Christopher GabelChristopher Gabel
Assistant Professor, MED
Office Address: 72 E. Concord St., L713
E-mail: cvgabel@bu.edu, Phone: 617-638-4390
Research interests: Optical neurophysiology, Femtosecond laser surgery
Department Website: http://www.bumc.bu.edu/phys-biophys/people/faculty/gabel/


gardner-150x136Timothy Gardner
Associate Professor, BME, Biology
Office Address: 24 Cummington Street
E-mail: timothyg@bu.edu, Phone: 347-683-7642
Research interests: Neural circuits, Vocal learning, Time-frequency analysis
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/joint/gardner/

Lee GoldsteinLee Goldstein
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Office Address: 670 Albany Street, 4th floor
E-mail: lgold@bu.edu, Phone: 617-414-8361
Research interests: Alzheimers disease, Biometals & metallomics, Molecular aging disorders
Department Website: http://www.bumc.bu.edu/ophthalmology/core/lee-goldstein-mdph-d/


Xue HanXue Han
Assistant Professor, BME
Office Address: 44 Cummington Street, 521
E-mail: xuehan@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-6189
Research interests: Neurotechnology, Optical neural modulation
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/primary/han/


Allyn HubbardAllyn Hubbard
Professor, ECE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 329
E-mail: aeh@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-2815
Research interests: Auditory physiology, Neurocomputing and biosensors
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/joint/hubbard/


Guilford JonesGuilford Jones
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: giljones@bu.edu
Research interests: Photochemistry, Dye probes
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/chemistry/faculty/jones/



Ajay JoshiAjay Joshi
Assistant Professor, ECE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 334
E-mail: joshi@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-4840
Research interests: On-chip and off-chip interconnect design, Computer architecture
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/h-n/ajay-joshi/


Catherine KlapperichCatherine Klapperich
Professor, BME, ME
Office Address: 44 Cummington St., 725
E-mail: catherin@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-0253
Research interests: Nanomechanics of hydrated biomaterials, Microfluidic device design
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/primary/klapperich/


Jerome MertzJerome Mertz
Professor, BME
Office Address: 24 Cummington St., 202
e-mail: jmertz@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-0746
Research interests: Development and applications of novel optical microscopy for biological imaging
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/primary/mertz/


Theodore MorseTheodore Morse
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: tfmorse@bu.edu
Research interests: Photonic material processing, Optical fiber fabrication, lasers, and sensors
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/eng/profile/theodore-morse/



ted moustakasTheodore Moustakas
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: tdm@bu.edu
Research interests: Growth by MBE and HVPE of Nitride Semiconductors
Dept. Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/h-n/theodore-moustakas/


Roberto PaiellaRoberto Paiella
Professor, ECE, MSE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 529
E-mail: rpaiella@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-8883
Research interests: Optoelectronic devices based on semiconductor quantum-confined systems and photonic nanostructures
Dept. Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/o-z/roberto-paiella/


PavlidisDimitris Pavlidis
Research Professor, ECE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 337
e-mail: pavlidis@bu.edu
Research interests: Electro-physics
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/research-faculty/dimitris-pavlidis/


Siddharth RamachandranSiddharth Ramachandran
Professor, ECE, MSE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s Street, 521
E-mail: sidr@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-9881
Research interests:
– Micro & nano optical fibers
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/o-z/siddharth-ramachandran/


Bjoern ReinhardBjoern Reinhard
Proefssor, Chemistry
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 718
E-mail: bmr@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-8669
Research interests:
– Design, implementation of new tools for manipulation of biological & inorganic materials
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/chemistry/faculty/reinhard/

Jason Ritt
Jason Ritt
Assistant Professor, BME
Office Address: 24 Cummington St., 201
e-mail: jritt@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-5903
Research interests: 
Neuroscience of active sensing, Neurophotonic methods applied to the rodent whisker tactile system
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/primary/ritt/


Darren-Roblyer-ProfileDarren Roblyer
Assistant Professor, BME
Office Address: ERB 231
E-mail: roblyer@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-2805
Research interests: Optical functional imaging, Diffuse optics, Near infrared spectroscopy
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/primary/roblyer/


Kenneth RothschildKenneth Rothschild
Professor, Physics
Office Address: 590 Commonwealth Ave., 209
E-mail: kjr@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-2603
Research interests: Biomembrane technology and biomolecular photonics, Ion transport
Department Website: http://physics.bu.edu/people/show/63


Michael RuaneMichael Ruane
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: mfr@bu.edu
Research interests: Resonant cavity biosensors, Optical design, K-12 outreach and education
Ruane Research Lab: http://ultra.bu.edu/peoplebio.asp?member=Michael%20F.%20Ruane



Michelle SanderMichelle Sander
Assistant Professor, ECE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 534
E-mail: msander@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-0505
Research interests: Femtosecond lasers, Frequency combs, Fiber and integrated optics
Dept. Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/o-z/michelle-sander/


Aaron SchmidtAaron Schmidt
Assistant Professor, ME
Office Address: 110 Cummington Street, 408
E-mail: schmidt@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-2814
Research interests: Nanoscale energy transport, Ultrafast laser metrology, Laser-material interaction
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/pz/schmidt/


Joshua SemeterJoshua Semeter
Professor, ECE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s, 537
e-mail: jls@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-3498
Research interests: Ionospheric and space plasma physics, Spectrscopy of atmospheric airglow and the aurora borealis
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/o-z/joshua-semeter/


Alexander SergienkoAlexander Sergineko
Professor, ECE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 729
e-mail: alexserg@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-6564
Research interests: Ultrafast quantum optics, Quantum metrology, Quantum biophotonics
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/o-z/alexander-sergienko/


Andre SharonAndre Sharon
Professor, ME
Office Address: 15 Saint Mary’s St., 101
E-mail: sharon@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-8776
Research interests: Electomechanical machines, Fiber optic manufacture, Biomedical devices
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/pz/sharon/


alexander sushkovAlexander Sushkov
Assistant Professor, Physics
Office Address: 590 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 213
E-mail: asu@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-2619
Research interests: Quantum tools for precision measurements
Department Website: http://physics.bu.edu/people/show/asu

Anna SwanAnna Swan
Associate Professor, ECE, MSE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 827
E-mail: swan@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-1275
Research interests: Interanctions of biomaterials with nanostructures, Carbon nanotubes
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/o-z/anna-swan/


Malvin TeichMalvin Carl Teich
Professor Emeritus
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St.
e-mail: teich@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-1236
Research interests: Quantum photonics, Neural coding, Wavelet analysis of fractal biological signals
Department Website: http://people.bu.edu/teich/


ECE.Faculty.Tian_-265x300Lei Tian
Assistant Profsesor, ECE
8 Saint Mary’s Street, Room 830
E-mail: leitian@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-2811
Research interests: Computational imaging and sensing
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/ece/people/faculty/o-z/lei-tian/

Barry UngerBarry Unger
Associate Professor, MET
Office Address: 808 Commonwealth Ave., M15
E-mail: unger@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-0940
Research interests: Entrepreneurship and venture capital investment, Innovation and product development process
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/met/academic-community/faculty/full-time/barry-unger/


Selim UnluSelim Unlu
Professor, ECE, MBE, MSE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 826
E-mail: selim@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-5067
Research interests: Nanophotonics, Biophotonics, High-resolution optical microscopy
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/bme/people/joint/unlu/


brian walsh Web PhotoBrian Walsh
Assistant Professor, ME
Office Address: 110 Cummington Mall, 303
E-mail: bwalsh@bu.edu, Phone:617-353-3414
Research interests: Space plasma dynamics, Small spacecraft, Cubesats
Dept. Website: http://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/pz/brian-walsh-ph-d/

White-Alice-pAlice White
Professor, ME
Office Address: 110 Cummington St., 107
E-mail: aew1@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-4846
Research interests: Nanofabrication, Optical Materials
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/pz/alice-white-ph-d/



john whiteJohn White
Professor, BME
Office Address: 44 Cummington Mall, 403
E-mail: jwhite@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-2805
Research interests: Mechanisms of episodic memory
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/eng/profile/john-a-white-ph-d/

Xin ZhangXin Zhang
Professor, ME, MSE
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 724
E-mail: xinz@bu.edu, Phone: 617-358-2702
Research interests: Fundamental issues and applications of micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS or micro/nanosystems)
Department Website: http://www.bu.edu/me/people/faculty/pz/zhang/

Lawrence Ziegler
Lawrence Ziegler
Professor, Chemistry
Office Address: 8 Saint Mary’s St., 719
e-mail: lziegler@bu.edu, Phone: 617-353-8663
Research interests:
– Spontaneous resonance raman studies of photodissociative and biological chromophores
Depratment Website: http://www.bu.edu/chemistry/faculty/ziegler/