About Us

The Boston University Photonics Center has become well known for building a strong academic program in the field of photonics: the science and engineering of light. We have also created a unique national resource for development of advanced photonic device prototypes for commercial and military applications, and more recently healthcare applications.

From its inception, the Center has attracted scholarly pioneers to lead our academic and educational programs. Ground-breaking research conducted at the Center includes work on science and technology for solid state source and detector materials, quantum cryptography, subsurface imaging, adaptive optics, micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS), high-speed modulation and sensing, bioorganic chemistry, nanophotonic devices and biomedical applications of photonics.

Boston University’s leadership in the field is supported by a state-of-the-art facility that includes an optical fiber draw tower and more than a dozen special-purpose research laboratories. Our shared facilities include the Optoelectronics Processing Facility, the Precision Measurement Laboratory, the FIB/TEM Facility, and the Integrated Optics Laboratory. These assets, combined with leading academic experts and a dedicated technical and administrative staff make the Boston University Photonics Center an extraordinary resource for students, faculty, and affiliated companies. To read a copy of the Photonics Center Annual Report,  click here.