2009 Archive

Pardee-IIB-011-thIssues in Brief
The Changing Shape of Malnutrition: Obesity in sub-Saharan Africa
By Arianna Fogelman
No. 011, December 2009
Pardee-Paper-7-SuarezThe Pardee Papers
Linking Climate Knowledge and Decisions: Humanitarian Challenges
By Pablo Suarez
No. 007, December 2009
Pardee Report NAFTA-webTask Force Report
The Future of North American Trade Policy: Lessons From NAFTA
No. 001, November 2009
UNsdkp002sinSD Insights
Rio + 20: Another World Summit?
No. 002, November 2009
SDI-hmpSD Insights
Pushing “Reset” on Sustainable Development
No. 001, October 2009
pardee-iib-10-thIssues in Brief
A Call for a Resilience Index for Health and Social Systems in Africa
By Astier Almedom
No. 010, October 2009
pardeeiib-009-thIssues in Brief
Preferential Trade Agreements: Free Trade at What Cost?
By Rachel Denae Thrasher
No. 009, September 2009
pardee-paper-6-august-2009The Pardee Papers
Global Aging: Emerging Challenges
By Alexandra Crampton
No. 006, August 2009
iib-008-juneIssues in Brief
Learning From the Past: The Future of Malaria in Africa
By Melissa Graboyes
No. 008, June 2009
Transportation, by Nadaa TaiyabIssues in Brief
Food Crises in Developing Countries: The Role of National Governance
By Abid Qaiyum Suleri
No. 007, May 2009
Transportation, by Nadaa TaiyabIssues in Brief
Seeing Hunger through New Eyes: From Lack to Possibility
By Frances Moore Lappe
No. 006, April 2009
pardee-paper-5-march-2009The Pardee Papers
Managing Hazardous Chemicals: Longer Range Challenges
By Henrik Selin
No. 005, March 2009
Transportation, by Nadaa TaiyabIssues in Brief
Sustainable Development in Africa: Agriculture, Trade and Climate Change
By Kati Kulovesi
No. 005, March 2009
The Need for New Measures of ProgressThe Pardee Papers
Beyond GDP: The Need for New Measures of Progress
By Robert Costanza, Maureen Hart, Stephen Posner, John Talberth
No. 004, Jan. 2009