Jim Stodder

Faculty Research Fellow
Visiting Professor of the Practice, Administrative Sciences, Metropolitan College

Forecasts for Carbon Pricing and Energy Transition

This project aims to explore new approaches to modeling carbon prices, and to bring together scholars working on economic and climate models to look at energy markets, macroeconomic stability, climate projections, and geopolitics. The first two years will be focused on publishing in academic journals, which will lay the groundwork for an international conference on carbon pricing in the third year.


BA, Harvard University; MSc, University of Essex (UK); PhD, Yale University


Jim Stodder is a Visiting Professor of the Practice in Administrative Sciences, Metropolitan College, Boston University. He teaches courses in regression analysis, logistics, and securities law. Prof. Stodder received his BA from Harvard University, MSc from the University of Essex (UK), and PhD from Yale University — all in Economics. His published research is largely empirical, and concerns issues like (i) the countercyclical effectiveness of community-based currencies, and (ii) the short to medium-term impact of carbon taxes.