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Can Technology Help Solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict in Palestine?Can Technology Help Solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict in Palestine?

Published Winter 2004 (12 pages)
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This paper looks at the lack of land in Palestine as one part of the problem that might have a low technology solution if the right pressures were applied. If the Gaza settlements were extended and Israel itself was built out into the eastern Mediterranean, then if a time came when peace was in reach, the struggle for land might not remain quite so desperate an issue. This is modeled after the “Dutch Solution,” in the hopes that their success could likewise be achieved using this obvious yet overlooked idea. Dr. Davidson encourages more practical collaboration between the academic sphere and those in positions to make change. Calling it “the quite unnecessary human tragedy in the Middle East,” he focuses on instances of past cooperation and exchange between the cultures of East and West. The paper also notes how, with technological vision, Death Valley was transformed into one of the most agriculturally productive regions in the United States. Dr. Davidson calls for greater real international support, pointing out the high tariffs of the U.S. and France on exports from North Africa which discourage economic expansion.

Dr. Frank P. Davidson is considered a father of the English Channel Tunnel, as co-founder of the Channel Tunnel Study Group and because of his vigilance in keeping the project and discussions going. He received his J.D. from Harvard Law School and initiated the study of macro-engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was given the title of Chevalier by the French Legion of Honor.