Sucharita Gopal

Faculty Research Fellow (with Les Kaufman, Bruce Anderson, and Susan Foster)
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Earth and Environment, Boston University

Climate Change and Health Issues in Cambodia and India

This research will explore the connections between climate change and human health impacts in India and Cambodia to help inform policies that may be developed to address related issues. The project will include a meta-analysis of the literature from multiple fields that have examined the connections between climate change and disease, and an analysis of monthly temperature extremes in each country over the past 40 years. This work will provide an understanding of the frequency and distribution of extreme heat in India over that period. Once the research is complete,
a workshop in India will be held in collaboration with in-country partners to present the findings. The workshop is intended to facilitate further collaborative research programs between BU and in-country scholars on the health impacts of climate changes, leading to better informed policy decisions the areas of public health and related fields.


BA, MSc, BEd, MPhil, Madras University; PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara


Neural network applications in remote sensing and GIS domains, spatial analysis and statistics, and multi-scale spatial modeling.


Sucharita Gopal is Professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at the Boston University College of Arts & Sciences, as well as Research Professor at the Center for Cognitive & Neural Systems and Center for Remote Sensing. Her multidisciplinary research over the last 10 years has dealt with neural network applications in remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) domains, as well as applying spatial analysis to a variety of problems in biology, environmental science, public health, and business. Her current funded research includes examining spatial determinants of insectivorous bat diversity in Malaysia, and multi-scale models in remote sensing and GIS.

Gopal teaches courses on world regional geography, spatial analysis and GIS, environmental decision making, and economic geography. She co-wrote the Pardee Paper Sub-Saharan Africa at a Crossroads: A Quantitative Analysis of Regional Development, and has published academic papers in such journals as Geographical Analysis, Environment and Planning, Journal of Environmental Psychology, and International Journal of Remote Sensing.