Prof. Murray Gell-Mann (2002–2003 & 2004–2005)

Prof. Gell-Mann is a Nobel laureate and a Distinguished Fellow of the Santa Fe Institute.  His recent research focuses on complex adaptive systems, and he is spearheading the Evolution of Human Languages Program at the Santa Fe Institute.  Prof. Gell-Mann received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the theory of elementary particles. He was also listed on the United Nations Environmental Program Roll of Honor for Environmental Achievement.  He has received the Ernest O. Lawrence Memorial Award of the Atomic Energy Commission, the Franklin Medal of the Franklin Institute, the Research Corporation Award, the Erice “Science for Peace” Prize, and the John J. Carty Medal of the National Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Gell-Mann presented the Pardee Distinguished Lectures on “Regularities and Randomness in the Past and the Future (Parts I & II).”