Pardee Center Hosts Meeting of Middle East Scholars

The Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future on May 27 hosted a special one-day workshop of Middle East scholars to discuss plans for a collabortive project looking at the future of the Middle East and South Asia in terms of the region’s economic, cultural and geopolitical significance in the global community.  Boston University Professor Augustus Richard Norton (International Relations and Anthropology) convened and chaired the workshop in collaboration with Professor Ali Banuazizi of Boston College (Political Science and Psychology) and Professor Farhad Kazemi of New York University (Politics, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies).

Other participants included BU faculty members Thomas Barfield and Jenny White (Anthropology); Bahman Baktiari, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Research and Academic Programming at the University of Maine School of Policy and International Affairs; Professor Michael C. Hudson, Director of the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University; Alis Wang, a doctoral candidate in political science at NYU; and Pardee Center communications specialist Cynthia Barakatt.