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Fighting terrorists with fingerprints and other biometric data

How can we defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups? John D. Woodward Jr., a Pardee School of Global Studies professor and former Central Intelligence Agency officer and Department of Defense official, believes the U.S. government could better use its biometric data stores to fight the war on terror: “The U.S. should continue to support global biometric […]

Anatomy of a “blazar,” the brightest object in the sky

Paradoxically, the most luminous things in the cosmos, “blazars,” are actually invisible to the naked eye. They glow not just with visible light, but with every kind of radiation. At the Boston University Blazar Lab, astronomers Alan Marscher and Svetlana Jorstad and their students are trying to understand how blazars work and where they get their tremendous energy. […]

Normal weather drives salt marsh erosion

New BU Research shows the biggest cause of salt marsh erosion is waves driven by moderate storms, not major weather events. Coastal wetlands are in retreat around the globe, raising concerns about damage to wildlife that the marshes nourish, says College of Arts & Sciences professor of earth and environment Sergio Fagherazzi: “Salt marshes survive […]

Fighting segregation with song

From “We Shall Overcome” to “Blowin’ in the Wind,” the freedom songs of the civil rights movement helped motivate people of all ages and races to fight for equal rights in the mid-1900s. College of General Studies senior lecturer Cheryl Boots journeyed through the country, collecting interviews for a book. Boots said these songs could […]

Why can’t America separate religion and politics?

A 2014 Pew Research poll found that 53 percent of Americans would be less likely to support a candidate who does not believe in God. As the United States approaches a presidential election year, historian and Boston University College of Arts & Sciences professor Bruce Schulman says it is becoming clear that politicians need to […]

The psychology behind “fairness” — is it innate or is it learned?

When do we develop a sense of fairness? With the help of the Templeton Foundation, Boston University College of Arts & Sciences professor Peter Blake studied 866 pairs of children to answer that question. Blake and his team tested kids and would either offer one child more Skittles than the other or the same number or […]

BU Satellite Team Gets Big Boost from NASA

Boston University’s eight-year-old Student-satellite for Applications and Training program, run through the College of Engineering, will soon cross its final frontier: NASA will help launch BU’s DVD-sized satellites. From there, the satellites will orbit the Earth at a rate of six miles per second, transmitting data about weather in space back down the BU STAT team. […]