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Shadowy forces are fighting for control of your local movie theater

Washington Post John Carroll, College of Communication On a sweltering day this summer, a handful of protesters gathered outside an AMC movie theater in Times Square, holding red signs proclaiming “AMC = American Movie Communists.”… Expert quote: “The odds are that it’s the film-making community. They certainly have a dog in this fight.” View full […]

Toxic legacy

Water is Cape Cod’s lifeblood, its raison d’être—and its Achilles’ heel. It also shaped the career of epidemiologist Ann Aschengrau, who studied Cape residents that were exposed, sometimes for years, to a neurotoxin and probable carcinogen in their drinking water. View full BU Research article on expert Aschengrau here.

U.S. Attacks Stoke Unease

The Wall Street Journal Jessica Stern, Pardee School of Global Studies, College of Arts & Sciences Three violent attacks over the weekend that left almost 40 people injured remained shrouded in questions, but together they fueled growing fears among authorities about terror assaults by small groups, lone wolves or simply deranged individuals. Expert quote: “The […]

The past, present & future of the NPS

100 years ago this week, the National Park Service was born. First intended to preserve our county’s natural scenery and protect it from capitalism, the NPS has since evolved to do even more. American & New England Studies expert Ian Stevenson takes a look at the organization’s past, present, and future in a blog post.

Expert Media Alert — Juno spacecraft

After nearly 5 years of space travel, NASA’s spacecraft Juno will finally enter Jupiter’s orbit on Monday, July 4. Several Boston University faculty and research scientists are available to comment, one of whom was directly involved with a joint project with the Hubble Space Telescope and Juno. Experts available: John Clarke is a professor of astronomy […]