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The Rise of Whooping Cough and Need for Vaccine

Despite a record number of vaccinations, whooping cough is on the rise. With 15,000 cases and 7 deaths in 2016, researchers are looking into the cause of this increase. Professor of Global Health at BU SPH Christopher Gill discussed in a new BU Research article how the vaccine may be preventing patients from showing symptoms of pertussis infections, while they still […]

BU Professor Discovers Possible Solutions to Brazilian Deforestation

Rachael Garrett, Professor of Earth and Environment in CAS, is currently working to save the Brazilian rainforest, while helping the farmers and ranchers thrive. Cattle ranching is proving to be a threat to the rainforest, as ranchers continuously cut it down to create pasture. Garrett hopes to discover a happy medium combining policies that will protect the rainforest and preservation of the […]

University Launches $20 Million Innovate@BU Initiative for Students

Robert A Brown, University President is launching a University-wide initiative to give all BU students opportunities to learn and engage in creative problem solving and hands-on innovation.The new initiative is called Innovate@BU. It will be located in a 6,000-square-foot student hub called the BUild Lab: IDG Capital Student Innovation Center, expected to open in January. […]

BU Wins $20M for NSF Engineering Research Center

Boston University was awarded $20M from the National Science Foundation (NSF), an extremely competitive grant, to create an Engineering Research Center (ERC) to transform cardiovascular care. David Bishop, an electrical and computer engineering and physics professor, will direct the center. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death in […]

Statistical physics may speed up finding solutions for computational problems

EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE UNTIL: May 12, 2017, 5 a.m. EST CONTACT: Margaret Waterman, at 617-358-4266 or Statistical physics may speed up finding solutions for computational problems Novel physics-inspired model takes on difficult computational challenges from a new perspective (BOSTON) – The field of statistical mechanics was initially developed to study the behavior of macroscopic […]

Orangutans have cultural differences and preserving them is key to successful conservation Cheryl Knott, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “Subtle variations seen in a species across its range often turn out to be important to successful conservation…” Expert quote: “They modify [the stick], which is part of the definition of tool. They take the stick, and they bite the end to make [it] […]

Zebrafish cancer genetics illuminate human breast cancers

What do zebrafish have to do with breast cancer? More than you’d think. A mutant variation, called “Casper,” play a key role in Boston University professor Hui Feng’s research on the subject. While they don’t have breasts, they have other organs — lungs, hearts, brains, eyes, and blood vessels — that respond to cancer cells […]