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Ted Cruz Gets the Facts Wrong on C-Sections

The Daily Beast Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health “Let me give you some basic facts,” Republican Senator Ted Cruz began, his eyes twinkling at the healthcare truth bombs he was about to unload on his poor, unprepared colleague Bernie Sanders, during CNN’s Affordable Care Act debate last night. Expert quote: “Cruz has confused doing more with doing better.” […]

Spy: CIA Kept Me From My Soulmate

The Daily Beast Joseph Wippl, College of Arts & Sciences On January 5, 2010, the chief of the CIA’s secretive paramilitary operations division accused one of the agency’s elite undercover operatives of financial shenanigans and getting too friendly with a female colleague… Expert quote: “I tell my students, incompetence may not get you in trouble, […]

Natural Childbirth Is Not a Cult

The Daily Beast Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health When Lifetime announced their new reality show, Born in the Wild—documenting the birth stories of mothers who choose go it alone without any assistance from the medical profession, and oh yeah, in the great outdoors—the reactions weren’t mixed… Expert quote: “They are not self-absorbed women. If you talk […]

The Home-Birth Rebellion

The Daily Beast Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health There’s a war being fought over women’s reproductive rights, and this time it’s not about abortion. Doctors, midwives, and women’s health advocates are sparring—in academic papers, on blogs, through the media and even on Twitter—over just where pregnant women should actually have their babies… Expert quote: […]