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SEC Commissioner Takes Incoming Fire From Multiple Sources in Harvard Spat

Value Walk Tamar Frankel, School of Law As the Harvard-led academic crowd continues to fire salvos at a Republican Securities and Exchange Commission chairperson, the debate over what will either benefit corporate management, keeping board of director positions more secure, or activist investors such as Bill Ackman, making board structures weaker, hangs in the balance… View full article quoting expert […]

Why We Need to Restructure the Big Bank Holding Companies

American Banker (subscription required) By Tamar Frankel, School of Law Many contributors helped bring about the most recent financial crisis, bank holding companies among them. The problems with bank holding companies stem less from lax rules or weak enforcement than from the way they are structured… View full article by expert Tamar Frankel

BNP Paribas Risks Customer Flight as Dollar-Transfer Ban Looms

Bloomberg Tamar Frankel, School of Law Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN) emerged from a guilty plea this week relatively unscathed. The punishment that prosecutors are now holding over BNP Paribas SA (BNP)’s head could have more severe consequences… Expert quote: “If everybody in the corporation lives happily thereafter following a guilty plea, we’ve done nothing. […]

Appeals Court Ruling Strengthens SEC’s Hand in Insider-Trading Cases

Wall Street Journal “Law Blog” (subscription required) Tamar Frankel, School of Law A federal appeals court signficantly strengthened the Securities and Exchange Commission’s hand in insider trading cases, ruling that defendants can be on the hook not only for the personal profits from illegal trades but for money generated for  their employers… Expert quote: “This […]

Goldman Sachs Sued by Libyan Wealth Fund

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Tamar Frankel, School of Law Libya’s sovereign-investment fund sued Goldman Sachs Group Inc. GS +0.28% over trades that soured during the financial crisis, escalating a dispute between the Wall Street firm and a high-profile client… Expert quote: “If you weigh bad publicity against $1 billion, then they may go with paying” through a settlement with […]

The Devil Made Ex-Microsoft Exec Do Insider Trading

E-Commerce Times Tamar Frankel, School of Law The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington and the Securities and Exchange Commission have lodged criminal and civil enforcement actions against a former senior portfolio manager at Microsoft and his friend, alleging insider trading… Expert quote: “Habits, whether private or public, are not created in […]