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Experts gather to discuss effects of aquaculture’s rapid growth

Westerly Sun Robinson “Wally” Fulweiler, College of Arts & Sciences One of the fastest-growing industries in southern New England, aquaculture is having a significant impact on the economies, public policies and environments of the coastal states where it is taking place… Expert quote: “Right now, aquaculture looks to be removing about 14 percent of the […]

Study finds mid-Narragansett Bay warmed 2.5 degrees from 1960 to 2012

Providence Journal Robinson Fulweiler, College of Arts & Sciences A new analysis of temperature fluctuations in two areas of Narragansett Bay just north of the Jamestown and Pell Bridges has concluded that surface waters warmed by an average of 2.5 degrees F. between 1960 and 2012… Expert quote: “Not only do we have warmer winter […]

Sitting on a Cliff Vs. Falling Off a Cliff

National Geographic “Phenomena” Robinson Fulweiler, College of Arts & Sciences The Steller’s sea cow is gone. This mega-manatee swam the North Pacific for millions of years, and then in the 1700s humans hunted them to extinction… Expert quote: “I was really excited to read their paper, and I actually felt good about their conclusions.” View full article