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Study: Most Americans want end to tackle football before age 14

Boston Herald Robert Stern, School of Medicine A majority of Americans — both sports fans and 
non-spectators alike — say the NFL has failed to 
address the problem of sports-related concussions, and believes tackle football before the age of 14 should be eliminated, according to a poll conducted by 
University of Massachusetts Lowell researchers… Expert […]

Despite NFL cries, CTE rolls on

Boston Herald Robert Stern, School of Medicine Boston University neuroscientist Dr. Robert Stern said his groundbreaking study on head trauma, which was officially launched yesterday, will not be sullied by the long-brewing controversy over the NFL’s alleged attempts to strip him of his funding… Expert quote: “I’m just so unbelievably excited to get this science […]

Repeated hits to head more significant than concussions, new study suggests

Washington Post Robert Stern, School of Medicine Connections between concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy have been the subject of debate and discussion from Capitol Hill to the NFL’s Park Avenue offices in New York, but a new study suggests that the mental, emotional and cognitive challenges faced by some former football players aren’t solely attributable […]