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How Fairness Develops in Kids Around the World

The Atlantic Peter Blake, College of Arts & Sciences A study of seven countries shows that all children hate getting less than their peers, but only some hate getting more… Expert quote: “They start out with this very self-focused idea that they recognize unfairness when it’s unfair to me,” says Blake. “It takes more years […]

7 country study on fairness: Kids everywhere can’t stand getting less — but in some places they don’t like getting more

Washington Post Peter Blake, College of Arts & Sciences Life isn’t fair.  That universal truth is something that children seem to understand almost intuitively at a young age, but the path through which they develop a sense of what’s fair and what isn’t — and how they act on injustices — is something that has been a […]

Cultural differences determine when kids learn to play fair

Nature Peter Blake, College of Arts & Sciences The concept of fairness informs everything from playground squabbles to business negotiations. Now, a study suggests that cultural differences shape when children develop a sense of fairness, with significant variations across countries… Expert quote: “What’s fascinating to me is that different psychological processes are going to be […]