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Can Dark Days of Winter Put You At Risk for Vitamin D Deficiency?

Newsmax Michael Holick, School of Medicine For decades, dermatologists and other medical experts have been telling us to avoid direct sun exposure like the plague to reduce skin cancer risk… Expert quote: “The population of the world has been brainwashed by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and the sunscreen industry with the unrelenting message […]

BU created a new sunscreen that solves vitamin D problem

Boston Business Journal (subscription required) Michael Holick, School of Medicine Sun safety and suntan lotion use may be limiting the risks of skin cancer, but it has caused another problem: vitamin D deficiency… Expert quote: “Solar D was designed with compounds with differing filter compositions to maximize vitamin D production while maintaining its sun protection […]

Calcium, Vitamin D For Osteoporosis: Are Recommendations Skewed By Conflicts Of Interest?

WBUR “CommonHealth” Michael Holick, School of Medicine Might commercial influences be driving the widespread recommendation of calcium and vitamin D supplementation for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis?… Expert quote: “Having adequate calcium and vitamin D over time will help maintain your bone density and reduce risk for fracture.” View full article