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A five-point plan to save the MBTA’s pension fund

Boston Globe (subscription required) By Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business The $1.5 billion MBTA pension system is in crisis. Fund returns and asset values have plummeted while the liability gap to thousands of its pensioners has skyrocketed. The system needs significant and lasting reform… View full article by expert Mark Williams

U.S. Questions Whether Futures Markets Can Police Themselves

Bloomberg Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business A top executive at 3Red Trading LLC reassured his co-founder about the future of the firm, even as federal regulators and two exchanges were investigating them for alleged market manipulation… Expert quote: “Self-regulation in the futures market does not work. It is hard to provide objective oversight and […]

FOX25 Investigates: MBTA pension chief headed for triple dipper retirement

Fox 25 News Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business Michael Mulhern, who’s stepping down from his six-figure salaried job as head of the secretive MBTA pension fund, will be collecting three taxpayer-funded retirement checks, FOX25 Investigates has uncovered… Expert quote: “I would characterize it as saying that he was grossly overpaid and grossly underqualified for […]

Amid controversy over secrecy, T pension fund head to resign

Boston Globe (subscription required) Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business Michael H. Mulhern, whose tenure as chief of the MBTA retirement fund was marked by controversy over its investment performance and penchant for secrecy, said Monday he would step down in August… Expert quote: “Mulhern was grossly unqualified and grossly overpaid.’’ View full article

Despite the times, college grads still flock to big banks

Marketplace Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business The cutbacks and controversy surrounding big investment banks during the financial crisis don’t seem to have put a damper on interest in jobs at those firms… Expert quote: “They’re really trying to actually attract that same top talent pool that Google has been so successful and Amazon so […]