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MBTA pension chief earned $282,000 in 2014

Boston Globe (subscription required) Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business The MBTA pension fund released an expanded annual report for its belated 2014 results Friday, disclosing the pay of top executives and certain investment details for the first time amid intense public scrutiny… Expert quote: “It’s a disturbing trend. They’re supposed to be financial stewards, […]

Vietnam Bank Hacking Attempt Shows Weakness of Swift Connection

Bloomberg Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business A foiled hacking attack on a small Vietnamese bank may have been a practice run for an $81 million cyber assault on Bangladesh’s account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and points to vulnerabilities in how banks connect to the Swift interbank messaging system… Expert quote: “The […]

JPMorgan Trading Risk Rose, Rivals Hit Brakes With Markets Amok

Bloomberg Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business Wall Street bank chiefs have vilified the profit-crushing markets that opened 2016 as “challenging” and “exceptionally violent and turbulent.”… Expert quote: “They’ve really dialed back their risk-taking. At the time when they really should be — because of the greater market volatility — jumping in and taking more […]

Bitcoin Backers Debate Whether False Founding Claims Hurt the Virtual Currency

Vice News Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business The about-face of the Australian entrepreneur who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious pseudonymous creator of bitcoin, is the latest embarrassing controversy for a virtual currency that has become increasingly popular among serious techies and financiers… Expert quote: “This individual is extremely well known now. He’s […]

What we know about Craig Steven Wright, who claims to have invented Bitcoin

Washington Post Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business “Satoshi is dead.” To many, the name Satoshi Nakamoto rings of mystery. Which makes sense — the name is a mystery. The name comes from a white paper about Bitcoin released in Nov. 2008. Nakamoto is considered the founder and inventor of Bitcoin, though no one knows for certain who s/he/they […]

Don’t remove the financial crisis guardrail

Boston Globe (subscription required) Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business How devastating would it be to today’s economy if one of the nation’s largest financial institutions collapsed, the way Lehman Brothers did in 2008under the weight of more than $600 billion in debt?… Expert quote: “It’s almost as if our memories are too short.” View full […]

Deutsche Bank Board Uproar Pits Lonely Lawyer Against Chairman

Bloomberg Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business Georg Thoma, the lawyer, and Paul Achleitner, the financier, worked together for more than two decades modernizing Germany Inc… Expert quote: “The current infighting is simply a reflection of the frustration current board members are feeling as they attempt to clean up the mess caused by earlier bank […]

‘Panama Papers’ Shine Uncomfortable Spotlight on Wealth of the Global Elite

Bloomberg Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business From Moscow to Reykjavik to Buenos Aires and beyond, the same two words are suddenly reverberating in financial circles: offshore accounts… Expert quote: “Global offshore money laundering is a multibillion-dollar business and remains alive and well. This leak is proof that despite explicit banking laws against tax evasion, […]