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The Race for an Ebola Vaccine

The New Yorker Kevin Outterson, School of Law Over the summer, as it became clear that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was one of the worst public-health emergencies in recent memory, executives at Merck met at the company’s New Jersey headquarters to figure out how to respond… Expert quote: “Every drug company cares about […]

Experts Media Alert: SCOTUS to hear challenge to Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court will review a unanimous federal appeals court ruling that upheld Internal Revenue Service regulations that allow health-insurance tax credits under the Affordable Care Act for consumers in all 50 states. Opponents argue that most of the subsidies are illegal. The following Boston University professor are available for comment and analysis: Abigail Moncrieff is […]

Why Reducing Antibiotic Resistance Is Harder Than It Seems

Time Kevin Outterson, School of Law Just a day after President Obama announced an executive order to create a task force and action plan for confronting antibiotic resistance, the House Energy & Commerce Committee held a hearing on antibiotic resistance and how to foster new drug development… Expert quote: “Resistance genes have been found throughout the agricultural […]


The New Yorker Kevin Outterson, School of Law The deadly hemorrhagic fever Ebola was first discovered in 1976, and it has haunted the public imagination for twenty years, ever since the publication of Richard Preston’s “The Hot Zone.” Yet, in all that time, no drug has ever been approved to treat the disease… Expert quote: “Antibiotic […]

The business model for antibiotics is broken. Here are three alternatives you didn’t know about

Vox Kevin Outterson, School of Law It’s one of the biggest threats to modern medicine, and it’s happening right now in every corner of the world: Antibiotic resistance, when bacteria evolve so that the drugs we have don’t respond anymore… Expert quote: “Even after the best humans clean the room, they still find C.difficile spores […]