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Our closest ape-like ancestor went back to the trees

New Scientist Jeremy DeSilva, College of Arts & Sciences Our closest non-human ancestor lived in South Africa… Expert quote: “From a distance I’m not sure one would notice differences between sediba and human walking. But if you could get closer you might notice something. It wouldn’t heel-strike like a modern human does. It would take […]

BU researcher’s finding alters view of walking’s evolution

Boston Globe (subscription required) Jeremy DeSilva, College of Arts & Sciences For the past year, Jeremy DeSilva has been getting quizzical looks from students as he walks around the Boston University campus with an odd, wobbly gait: landing on the outer edge of his foot, then rolling his weight inward with each step… Expert quote: […]

Ancient creature mixed human, apelike traits

Associated Press Jeremy DeSilva, College of Arts & Sciences Scientists have gained new insights into an extinct South African creature with an intriguing mix of human and apelike traits, and apparently an unusual way of walking. But they still haven’t pinned down where it fits on our evolutionary family tree… Expert quote: “I didn’t think […]

Why your back, feet hurt: blame evolution Jeremy DeSilva, College of Arts & Sciences The fact that many people’s backs and feet hurt is news that’s millions of years old… Expert quote: “We’ve known for a long time, since Darwin’s time, that humans have evolved, and that humans are not perfect, because evolution doesn’t produce perfection.” View full article

Science And Beauty In Boston: A Weekend of Whales, Tomatoes, and Dark Matter

International Business Times Jeremy DeSilva, College of Arts & Sciences Thousands of scientists descended on Boston on Presidents Day weekend to show off their research, talk shop and contemplate the future at the 2013 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science… Expert quote: “In my opinion, this is completely wrong. Science gives […]

Origins of alcohol consumption traced to ape ancestor

Science News Jeremy DeSilva, College of Arts & Sciences The taste for alcohol may be an ancient craving… Expert quote: “There’s very little fossil evidence from the general time period when humans, gorillas and chimpanzees last shared a common ancestor. This is cool work. We’ll be able to evaluate it with better evidence as we […]

Suffering from a bad back or painful wisdom tooth? You should blame evolution

Daily Mail Jeremy DeSilva, College of Arts & Sciences Our climb to the top of the evolutionary tree to become the planet’s most intelligent species has not come without its drawbacks… Expert quote: “Many human foot problems are a result of our evolutionary history. In other words, we are not very well designed, because we […]