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Trump’s foreign deals risk Constitution clash

USA Today Jay Wexler, School of Law As president, Donald Trump could profit substantially from foreign officials seeking to influence the new leader of the free world, a development that would violate the U.S. Constitution… Expert quote: “There’s enormous potential for foreign influence over national policy, which is something we’ve always guarded against.” View full […]

New stash of legal opinions detail hurdles for Trump on emoluments ban

Politico Jay Wexler, School of Law Could wedding gifts sent to President Richard Nixon’s daughters and an offer of Irish citizenship extended to President John F. Kennedy provide the legal guideposts for President Donald Trump’s efforts to resolve conflicts of interests stemming from his business dealings in and with foreign countries?… Expert quote: “Nothing in […]

Donald Trump’s Business Dealings Test a Constitutional Limit

New York Times Jay Wexler, School of Law Not long after he took office, President Obama sought advice from the Justice Department about a potential conflict of interest involving a foreign government… Expert quote: “I’ve seen over and over how parts of the Constitution that were considered vestigial or irrelevant for decades or more can […]

Merrick Garland’s record on religious freedom cases, including the contraception case now before the Supreme Court

Washington Post Jay Wexler, School of Law Some of the most hotly contested issues that come in front of the Supreme Court are based in religion… Expert quote: “That case is mildly pro-religious freedom, although the lower court was so clearly wrong that I don’t know if much can be made out of the D.C. […]