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Brits say terror, EU exit are keys to election today

Boston Herald quoting Graham Wilson, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “After a seven-week election campaign that veered from the boredom of staged sound bites to the trauma of two deadly terrorist attacks, Britain’s political leaders today want voters to choose: Who is best to keep the U.K. safe and lead it out […]

After Dissing Trump, Chamber Borrows From His Populist Playbook

Bloomberg Graham Wilson, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Diana Conley sat like a sparrow among eagles as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce kicked off a nationwide “listening tour” billed as a chance to gather the views of small business owners… Expert quote: “Small businesses are OK in a populist era in a […]

In Trump era, US automakers seek balance between jobs and profits

Christian Science Monitor Graham Wilson, College of Arts & Sciences During the presidential election campaign, President Trump pledged to create new manufacturing jobs and bring other jobs back from overseas… Expert quote: “To get so involved in the details of a private-sector decision is, I think, almost unprecedented in modern times.” View full article

N.H. Companies and Experts Still Uncertain About Brexit’s Impact on the Granite State

New Hampshire Public Radio Graham Wilson, College of Arts & Sciences, Initiative on Cities This week’s ‘Brexit’ – Britain’s high-profile vote to exit from the European Union – may shake up the European economy and politics for years to come… Expert quote: “It’s not as though we had some sort of epic event in the […]

Brits in USA to follow ‘Brexit’ vote from across the pond

USA Today Graham Wilson, College of Arts & Sciences, Initiative on Cities When England scored a 92nd-minute goal to defeat Wales in the European soccer tournament Thursday, British citizens watching the telecast at the Queen Vic old English pub here jumped to their feet and erupted in cheers, their midday bitters arrayed before them on the bar… Expert quote: […]

U.K. assassination casts shadow over ‘Brexit’ campaigns

USA Today Graham Wilson, Initiative on Cities, College of Arts & Sciences The heated campaign over whether Britain should leave the European Union came to an abrupt halt Thursday following the assassination of a member of Parliament who played a visible role campaigning for continued membership in the EU… Expert quote: “One warning of this for politicians in […]

In survey, mayors say they worry about aging infrastructure

Associated Press Graham Wilson, Initiative on Cities Mayors across the U.S. say they worry about their cities’ aging infrastructure and they’d like more state and federal support, according to a survey released Wednesday… Expert quote: “We hope that the Menino Survey shines a light on their leadership and helps mayors communicate the needs, challenges, and […]