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Could e-cigarettes save smokers’ lives? Some health advocates think so

Globe and Mail Michael Siegel, School of Public Health Are electronic cigarettes dangerous and potentially hazardous to health or an important tool that can help people quit smoking?… Expert quote: “We know hundreds of thousands of people are dying from cigarettes, yet those are perfectly legal. If [Health Canada is] going to ban anything, why […]

Surgeon calls for bodychecking ban in youth hockey

Globe and Mail Robert Cantu, School of Medicine, Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy A leading neurosurgeon called for better protection from head injuries for young athletes on Friday, as a research project involving 100 retired NFL players seeks a diagnosis for a brain disease linked to multiple concussions… View article

Return of the ‘Massachusetts Moderate': surprises from the U.S. presidential debate

Globe and Mail Bruce Schulman, College of Arts & Sciences Gleeful Republicans – who only weeks earlier channeled deep doubts about the Mitt Romney campaign strategy – rejoiced the morning-after at the Republican candidate’s strong performance during the first presidential debate held Wednesday night in Denver, Colorado… View article