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Navigating the potentially murky world of online reviews

BBC News Georgios Zervas, Questrom School of Business “Write Reviews Get Paid”, screams the advert. This might sound a theatre critic’s dream, but Craigslist’s “Get $5 for Yelp review” leaves less room for such notions… Expert quote: “The reason is quite simple. When was the last time you checked a review of Burger King or McDonald’s? […]

Cambridge Restaurant Owner Shames Yelpers Who Berated Staff

WBZ Georgios Zervas, School of Management Turning the tables on negative reviews. One restaurant owner is saying enough is enough when it comes to Yelpers who, he says, abuse the system… Expert quote: “Most people do not walk in and threaten restaurants with a bad review. I think it’s more rare to use social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to […]

Mind Your Manners, Companies Are Rating You

New York Times (subscription required) Georgios Zervas, School of Management People routinely use the Internet to review services from plumbers to hairdressers. Now the tables are turned. Companies are rating their customers, casting into darkness those who do not make the grade… Expert quote: “There are incentives that encourage the overreporting of positive experiences and […]

Airbnb uses FIFA World Cup to bring sharing economy to Brazil

Los Angeles Times Georgios Zervas, School of Management As online room-sharing service Airbnb Inc. battles authorities in the U.S., the company is using the upcoming FIFA World Cup to slide relatively comfortably into one of the world’s major markets… Expert quote: “Because there’s a lot of demand, maybe you stick your room on Airbnb. These […]