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One in three US births happen by C-section but it varies widely by hospital

The Guardian Eugene Declercq Carmen Walker didn’t realize how bad things had gotten until she heard her doctor’s voice from across the operating room: “I’m going to try to save her uterus…” Expert quote: “In the case of low-risk mothers, there’s not a lot of evidence of improved outcomesIn the case of low-risk mothers, there’s […]

California decided it was tired of women bleeding to death in childbirth

Vox quoting Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health “Kristen Terlizzi woke up on July 16, 2014, in the intensive care unit at Stanford University to the news that the placenta connecting her to the child she’d just given birth to had spread like a cancer through her abdomen…” Expert quote: “The argument we make internationally is […]

The AHCA punishes women. It was written and passed mostly by men.

Vox Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health “One of the most disturbing aspects of the GOP’s American Health Care Act is how it punishes women in particular by defunding Planned Parenthood and making pregnancy and heavy periods “preexisting conditions…” Expert quote: “The argument we make internationally is that [high maternal mortality rates are] a reflection […]

Ted Cruz Gets the Facts Wrong on C-Sections

The Daily Beast Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health “Let me give you some basic facts,” Republican Senator Ted Cruz began, his eyes twinkling at the healthcare truth bombs he was about to unload on his poor, unprepared colleague Bernie Sanders, during CNN’s Affordable Care Act debate last night. Expert quote: “Cruz has confused doing more with doing better.” […]

Maternal Mortality Rate in U.S. Rises, Defying Global Trend, Study Finds

New York Times Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health One of the biggest worldwide public health triumphs in recent years has been maternal mortality… Expert quote: “People may think this is happening because the U.S. has more minorities and poor people,” he said. “But even if you limit the analysis to whites, we would still rank […]

How are states meeting health care shortages for pregnant women?

PBS Newshour – The Rundown Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health Faced with a shortage of obstetricians and gynecologists and nurse midwives, several states are considering proposals that advocates say would improve health care for women… Expert quote: “The traditional model was that ob-gyns made this extraordinary commitment. I’ll be there for you, pre-natal, delivery and […]

Dying In Childbirth 2016: Maternal Death Rate In US Has Worsened Since 2000, Says New Study

Medical Daily Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health The maternal death rate in America is higher than we think and only getting worse, finds a new study published recently in Obstetrics & Gynecology… Expert quote: “The current maternal mortality rate places the United States far behind other industrialized nations. There is a need to redouble efforts to prevent […]