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Here’s How to Cook the Perfect Beer-Can Chicken

Mother Jones referencing Greg Blonder, College of Engineering “In the past week, some of my colleagues got strangely obsessed with “beer-can chicken…” Expert referenceL “Greg Blonder, professor of design and product engineering at Boston University, compared the beer-can method with traditional roasting and found that with the beer-can method, the inside of the bird’s cavity doesn’t get much hotter than 160 to […]

Johns Hopkins researchers say they’ve unlocked key to cancer metastasis and how to slow it

Baltimore Sun quoting Muhammad Zaman, College of Engineering “Hasini Jayatilaka was a sophomore at the Johns Hopkins University working in a lab studying cancer cells when she noticed that when the cells become too densely packed, some would break off and start spreading…” Expert quote: “This paper gives you a very specific target to design […]