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Why Are Basketball Games So Squeaky? Consider the Spiny Lobster

New York Times Greg McDaniel, College of Engineering “It is the unofficial soundtrack of basketball, a noise consistently heard but rarely considered — rubber-soled shoes squeaking on the hardwood…” Expert Quote: “If you wave your hand through the air, you don’t hear it,” he said. “Why? Because you haven’t compressed air. The air sloshes around […]

S scientists accuse Turkish researcher of spiriting away their idea — and claiming it as her own

STAT News Catherine Klapperich, College of Engineering Catherine Klapperich was at home one night recently when she pulled up the news coverage… Expert quote: ““Seeing it on TV, it’s so visceral. You click on the link, and I gasped, like, ‘Oh my gosh, how can this be?’” said Klapperich, a biomedical engineer at Boston University.” […]

New weapon in the global fight against fake malaria drugs: a cheap scanner

The Guardian Muhammad Zaman, College of Engineering A new device that uses similar infrared light to TV remotes can accurately detect fake antimalarial drugs, according to a scientific paper published on Monday… Expert quote: “Muhammad Zaman, professor of biomedical engineering and international health at Boston University, agreed that cheap, reliable scanning is essential.” View full […]