Let Them Eat Burgers

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Let Them Eat Burgers

Bloomberg James Post, School of Management Shake Shack shook up Wall Street on Jan. 30. With investors eager to buy into New York restaurateur Danny Meyer’s thoroughly modern vision of a burger joint (complete with beer and wine), the company was able to sell its shares for more than it originally planned. And the stock price […]

Xi Dismantles the ‘New Gang of Four’ With Probe of Hu’s Aide

Bloomberg Joseph Fewsmith, College of Arts & Sciences Chinese President Xi Jinping’s decision to investigate his predecessor’s top aide for corruption marks the downfall of the remaining “tiger” in a group that Communist Party cadres termed the “New Gang of Four.”… Expert quote: “Ling Jihua’s investigation suggests that it is likely we will see changes […]

China Probe of Former Security Chief May Mean Closed-Door Trial

Bloomberg Joseph Fewsmith, College of Arts & Sciences With former China security chief Zhou Yongkang under investigation for leaking state secrets, formal charges would allow for a closed-door trial that would test the Communist Party’s resolve to make its legal machinery more transparent… View full article quoting expert Joseph Fewsmith

Xi Outlines ‘Big Country Diplomacy’ Chinese Foreign Policy

Bloomberg Joseph Fewsmith, College of Arts & Sciences China must establish “big country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics,” President Xi Jinping said in a speech that laid out his goals for making the nation a major strategic power, a further sign he’s jettisoned a long-standing policy to limit involvement in foreign affairs… Expert quote: “Although the speech certainly suggests a […]

Xi Shows Obama His No-Nonsense Approach to U.S. Relations

Bloomberg Joseph Fewsmith, College of Arts & Sciences President Xi Jinping showed the world a newly assertive China that’s less worried about impressing others than in pursuing its own goals as he approved agreements with the U.S. on climate change and trade tariffs… Expert quote: “In the past, we always said China wanted good relations with the outside world […]