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What to Expect When You’re Expecting Acosta as Labor Secretary

Bloomberg David Weil, Questrom School of Business By the time President Donald Trump’s first nominee for labor secretary withdrew from consideration, there was little doubt where he stood on the big issues facing the department… Expert quote: ““This is a direct test of how serious are you about really remembering those folks who’ve been forgotten […]

Trump Wants Credit for Cutting the National Debt. Economists Say Not So Fast

Bloomberg Laurence Kotlikoff, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “President Donald Trump asked on Twitter why the media hasn’t reported that the national debt has dropped since his inauguration…” Expert Quote: “Anything that has happened to the debt has been on autopilot since Obama left.” View full article. 

After Dissing Trump, Chamber Borrows From His Populist Playbook

Bloomberg Graham Wilson, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Diana Conley sat like a sparrow among eagles as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce kicked off a nationwide “listening tour” billed as a chance to gather the views of small business owners… Expert quote: “Small businesses are OK in a populist era in a […]

China Seizes Opening in U.S. Backyard After Trump Upends Policy

Bloomberg Kevin Gallagher, Pardee School/College of Arts & Sciences As Donald Trump weighs plans to tear up trade deals and deport illegal migrants from Latin America, Chinese President Xi Jinping is moving swiftly to reset relations in America’s backyard… Expert quote: “The train has left the station.” View full article

China Communist Party Raises Xi’s Status Ahead of Reshuffle

Bloomberg Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School China’s Communist Party declared President Xi Jinping as its “core,” a designation that strengthens his hand ahead of a twice-a-decade power reshuffle next year… Expert quote: “Xi will have a smooth path to the 19th Party Congress and will be able to promote the people he wants to promote. Now we […]

Party Time in China: The Riddle of Xi

Bloomberg Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School, College of Arts & Sciences As China moves towards the twice-a-decade National Congress of the Communist Party next fall, cadres are already trying to figure out what will happen at the gathering, the 19th of these… Expert quote: “They just don’t seem to be people favoured by Xi.” View full […]