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Model life: to call it indentured servitude is no exaggeration

The Guardian Ashley Mears, College of Arts & Sciences Runway models, who are the faces of desirability and luxury, are in fact caught in the middle of deeply unequal and borderline exploitative labor relations… Expert quote: “Women’s bodies lend status, or are status signifiers of luxury, especially to men. Women are central to showing off […]

A Mixed Bag of Publicity for NYC’s Standard Hotel After Elevator Spat

U.S. News & World Report Ashley Mears, College of Arts & Sciences Jay Z may have been the intended recipient of Solange’s blows in elevator security footage that rocked the Internet Monday, but with the leakage of the tape – posted first on TMZ – the rapper was not the only one taking a hit. The reputation of […]

The Issue of Race Follows New York Fashion Week Down the Catwalk

U.S. News & World Report Ashley Mears, College of Arts & Sciences Style-watchers looking to this week’s New York Fashion Week for new trends saw that blue and white are hot for spring… Expert quote: “What [agents and stylists] would say in round-about ways is that nonwhite women, particularly black women, are incompatible with a […]

Models Strut Into U.S. as Programmers Ask Visa God for Help

Bloomberg Ashley Mears, College of Arts & Sciences Ravi Shanker makes weekly pilgrimages to Chilkur Balaji temple outside Hyderabad, India, asking for a little help on immigration from an incarnation of Lord Vishnu… Expert quote: “The typical model in 2009 earned $27,330, with the average magazine shoot paying about $100 daily.” View full article

Friends, prostitutes commingle on social networks

MarketWatch Ashley Mears, College of Arts & Sciences LinkedIn  is a network for all professions — even the oldest one… Expert quote: “Studies suggest that professional men looking for quick sexual encounters use social networks because it’s safer, since it’s largely invisible to police and offers a way to select and prescreen women. I wouldn’t […]