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Healthy Heart Also Keeps Mind Sharp

Reuters Andrew Budson Many of the same things people should do for a healthy heart, like exercising, eating well and avoiding cigarettes, can also help protect the brain from cognitive decline and dementia, according to the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association… Expert quote: “Although it is extremely important to control blood pressure […]

Heart disease risk in middle age tied to dementia later

Reuters quoting Andrew Budson, School of Medicine “Middle-aged people with risk factors for heart attacks and stroke may be more likely to develop dementia in old age than people with healthy cardiovascular systems, a U.S. study suggests…” Expert quote: “Most of these modifiable risk factors, such as smoking, hypertension and diabetes, damage the endothelium – […]

Memory loss may not always be first sign of Alzheimer’s

Reuters Andrew Budson, School of Medicine, Alzheimer’s Disease Center While memory loss is thought to be a classical first sign of Alzheimer’s disease, some middle-aged people and younger seniors may initially experience different cognitive problems such as trouble with language or problem solving, a large U.S. study suggests… Expert quote: “You can’t slow the clock […]