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Stay Out of Ukraine, but Deploy Eastward

New York Times (subscription required) By Andrew Bacevich, College of Arts & Sciences NATO’s founding purpose was to defend its members. In fulfilling that purpose throughout the Cold War, it gained well-deserved recognition as history’s most successful alliance… View full article by expert Andrew Bacevich

The Debate Over What To Do About ISIS Isn’t Much Of A Debate

Huffington Post Andrew Bacevich, College of Arts & Sciences The predominant feature in the debate over what, exactly, the U.S. should do about the threat of the Islamic State is that there really isn’t much of a debate… Expert quote: “It seems unlikely that U.S. military action, even if assisted by surrogates on the ground, […]

Iraqi Christians report a decade of blood

San Diego Union-Tribune Andrew Bacevich, College of Arts & Sciences The downsides are more debated. One immediate consequence: a power vacuum where radical groups and lawless brigands vied for power and where sectarian clashes spiraled into civil war, said Andrew Bacevich, a political science and military scholar at Boston University… Expert quote: “When the Americans […]

Is there anything worse than Isis? Bomb them and we’ll soon find out

The Spectator By Andrew Bacevich, College of Arts & Sciences To hawkish right-wingers, but also to many militant liberals, the antidote to the problem of Isis is clear: the application of military power to defeat the jihadists and lay the foundation for a humane and stable political order, beginning in Iraq but eventually extending across […]

What the U.S. should do in Iraq: Stop what is counterproductive

Los Angeles Times By Andrew Bacevich, College of Arts & Sciences From a moral perspective, President Obama’s response to the plight of Iraqi minorities targeted for extinction by vicious Islamists is justifiable and even commendable. Yet the resumption of American military action in Iraq — bombs for the wicked, bundles for the innocent — cannot […]

Andrew Bacevich: America’s War for the Greater Middle East

WBUR “Radio Open Source” Andrew Bacevich, College of Arts & Sciences How do you end an endless war? Thirty years ago Jimmy Carter declared the Persian Gulf a “vital” focus of American foreign policy. Since then, U.S. forces have invaded, occupied, garrisoned, bombed or raided 18 nations, absorbing thousands of casualties and getting little in return in terms […]