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New tech could boost Internet bandwidth

AFP Siddharth Ramachandran, College of Engineering A new fiber optic technology could increase Internet bandwidth capacity by sending data along light beams that twist like a tornado rather than move in a straight line, scientists say… Expert quote: “Our discovery, of design classes in which they are stable, has profound implications for a variety of […]

Tokyo stocks soar on BoJ easing plan

AFP William Grimes, College of Arts & Sciences Tokyo stocks soared on Friday, hitting record volumes as investors embraced sweeping new Bank of Japan stimulus measures which sent the yen plunging, spelling good news for the key export sector… Expert quote: “Deflationary expectations are much more firmly entrenched among Japanese companies and consumers (now). Also, […]

Death of Chavez could force Cuba to speed reform

AFP Paul Webster Hare, College of Arts & Sciences Cuba could be forced to speed its economic reforms following the death of its main benefactor, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, whose oil-backed largesse has kept the country afloat for years… Expert quote: “The death of Chavez highlights the shortcomings of the Castros’ policies — not diversifying the […]