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BU professor adapting biology textbook for other countries

Boston Globe (subscription required) Richard Primack, College of Arts & Sciences English is the international language of science. Its near-universal use to communicate and disseminate new findings and results has arguably had real benefits, allowing people to gain access to the world’s scientific knowledge by learning a single language… View full article

LETTERS: Pastors’ courage offers hope that bigotry can be countered

Boston Globe (subscription required) By Robert Neville, College of Arts & Sciences Bigotry against gays and other sexual minorities is deeply rooted in many of the cultures within which the United Methodist Church works, and the UMC is at grievous fault when it does not combat this bigotry… View full article 

Could Bitcoin’s frothy venture funding dry up?

Computerworld Mark Williams, School of Management Bitcoin: What is it, really? A digital currency? An investment? An Xbox game? For many people it’s not clear, but that hasn’t stopped venture capitalists from going gaga over it… Expert quote: “Bitcoin is the standard bearer for the fledgling e-currency industry. The success or failure of Bitcoin will have […]

The Devil Made Ex-Microsoft Exec Do Insider Trading

E-Commerce Times Tamar Frankel, School of Law The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington and the Securities and Exchange Commission have lodged criminal and civil enforcement actions against a former senior portfolio manager at Microsoft and his friend, alleging insider trading… Expert quote: “Habits, whether private or public, are not created in […]

Bankers Say Clarification of CDOs Under Volcker Falls Short

Bloomberg Mark Williams, School of Management U.S. banking regulators provided advice on how banks should treat certain securities in a document quickly panned by industry groups for failing to address their concerns that the newly finalized Volcker Rule will force banks to take losses on the securities… Expert quote: “These instruments were enthusiastically embraced with […]