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Experts Media Alert: What draws people to join terrorist groups?

Mohammed Hamzah Khan, a 19-year-old man from Chicago, was arrested by the FBI at O’Hare International Airport as he tried to travel to Syria to allegedly join ISIS. According to the New York Times, he is the tenth person charged by the Justice Department for trying to travel abroad to join a terrorist organization. Why […]

As Sasha and Malia Obama become young women, a father laments time slipping by

Washington Post Elizabeth Mehren, College of Communication When they vacationed here just before President Obama’s first inauguration, Malia and Sasha were little girls doting on their dad — holding his hand on the beach, taking in a dolphin show and nuzzling up to him at the shave-ice shop… Expert quote: “The president’s image needs more […]

His Mom Ran Hadassah. His Brother Made ‘Glee.’ Now Evan Falchuk Is Going Into Politics.

Tablet Magazine Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Evan Falchuk has really good hair. It’s mesmerizingly good, in the way that only really good haircuts can be… Expert quote: “If you were a Democrat, you might fear his candidacy more than a Republican. It won’t take much to swing the election. If he can take […]