Boston University Professor Recommends Napping at the Workplace

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(Boston, Mass)- On Monday, April 5, 2004, Americans across the country will participate in the fifth-annual Workplace Napping Day, one day after the return of daylight savings time.

Boston University Professor, William Anthony, Ph.D., and his wife, Camille Anthony, president of The Napping Company, began this observance in 1999 to showcase the many health benefits of napping.

“We chose this particular Monday because Americans are more ‘nap-ready’ than usual after losing an hour of sleep to daylight savings time,” said William Anthony.

They maintain that napping is one of the best ways to improve overall health and productivity.

Based on information gathered from thousands of nappers and would-be-nappers, the Anthonys have identified the following eight significant health advantages of napping:

1.Napping improves mood – makes you feel better
2.Napping improves performance – makes you more productive
3.Napping is no cost – no expensive clothes or equipment needed
4.Napping is no sweat – no shower needed
5.Napping is self prescribed – no doctor’s orders needed
6.Napping is non-fattening – you cannot eat while napping
7.Napping is a non-invasive procedure – no one does anything to you
8.Napping has no dangerous side effects – unless you are driving

They have written two widely acclaimed books, The Art of Napping and The Art of Napping at Work, explaining their findings about the value of a nap.

In celebration of Workplace Napping Day this year, the Anthonys will be in Denver, Colorado with the developers of the country’s first roadside napping facility, Tom & Karen Renz, owners of the SNOOZZE Center. The Anthonys will attend an open house at the SNOOZZE Center, hold a book signing and meet with local media.

On previous Workplace Napping Days businesses and organizations have celebrated the day with company-wide lunches followed by a post-lunch nap break, “nap-a-thon” fundraisers or “napalooza” parties.

“Our goal is to show America that napping is ‘no pain with great gain’, said William Anthony

William Anthony is a professor of Rehabilitation Counseling at Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and director of the University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is an institution of higher education and research whose premier academic programs prepare dynamic health professionals and whose research and leadership in the health and rehabilitation sciences is actively shaping health care. For more information about Sargent College and to learn about their degree programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, communication disorders, health sciences, athletic training, nutrition, and rehabilitation counseling, visit