Chautauqua 2000 Demonstrates Cutting-edge Web-based Remote Conferencing Technology

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(Boston, Mass.) — Boston University is pleased to be one of several remote sites participating in Alliance Chautauqua 2000, an event that uses and demonstrates the growing power of the National Computational Science Alliance’s Access Grid. The Access Grid is an experimental suite of hardware, software, and tools that facilitate collaborative group experiences over the Internet. It uses vBNS and Internet II connections to allow people to interact with each other visually and vocally from several remote locations simultaneously, and in real time.

Participants may remotely attend one or both of this year’s Chautauqua 2000 conferences, which will be held in Ohio and Kansas, at Boston University’s Access Grid Conference Facility, located in Room B17, 111 Cummington Street, Boston. The first session is hosted by the Ohio Supercomputer Center June 13-15; the second is hosted by the University of Kansas, August 1-3. Remote participation from Boston University is free, but space is limited and registration is strongly encouraged.

Further information, registration materials, and a complete schedule can be found at:

Please direct questions by e-mail to or by phone to Jennifer Teig Von Hoffman, (617) 358-0033.

Information about the access grid and Boston University’s Access Grid Conference Facility is available at: